Everyone relies on Email for Shopping, Payment and Shipping.

Every Email Message that your Brand sends is a chance to service customers. But they have been trained to not trust email. Your Brand suffers as a result of this mistrust.

We exist for one reason: To restore trust to your Brand’s email.

Our curated list of Verified Senders enables email recipients to know that the email they are reading is genuine. Your Brand needs to be on this list.

Here is a Branded email with our Verified stamp, telling your customer “You can trust this email”.

Our approach is simple. Your customers learn to “look for the logo”. When they see it, they can trust the email.

Daily Email Volumes

Brand Managers

Your Brand is the most important asset you own. Let your customers know that they can safely open and trust emails that you send. You owe it to them because, after all, they are your customers!

Don’t risk having important emails deleted because of lack of trust.

When customers see our “Verified Sender”, they know that this message originated from you with 100% certainty. This gives them the confidence to:

  • Click on Links
  • Download attachments
  • Act on the information in the email

If you want to show your Brand Logo to your customers and show that the mail actually came from you, then you need to register with VeriSend.

Why Should I Register?

Do you send more than 100 messages daily to customers?

Do they rely on your emails to take actions?

  • Make Payments
  • Order Products
  • Confirm Billing Information

Do you want consumers to confidently read and act on your email?

The first step is to register with us.

About Our SaaS

We curate all Brand Name Senders through a rigorous process that takes several days. Once they are fully vetted, the are added to our database of “Verified Senders”.

Our database is accessed minute by minute by our customers who receive emails from Branded Senders, like PayPal, Amazon and FedEx. If the sender is a registered sender and their email is legitimately from them, we show their Brand Logo in the email. You can trust, with 100% confidence, that these messages originated from the brand that our app displays.

Conversely, if you see an email that purports to be from a branded sender, via text, a logo or a subject, but we do not display their brand logo, you now know that the message is a fake message, 100% of the time.

It only takes a few days for our customers to “look for the logo” and begin trusting the emails from the brands they already trust.


“Worry-Free” Inbox

Good Mail Identifier right in the user mailbox Want to Learn More? Click here to book a 30-minute meeting to find out if Verisend is a good fit for your organization.30 Minute Meeting To request an evaluation copy: Call: Frank Paolino at (805)880-9064 Email: frank.paolino@verisend.email

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“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication.”

Stephen Covey