Key Customer Information in your Inbox

See key customer information on every inbound email, making every employee customer-facing and customer-aware.

In Community Banking, Strong Customer Relationships are a Competitive Advantage

Verisend reinforces that competitive advantage by enhancing emails with customer data, driving greater customer awareness and engagement.

The Need: Better Customer Engagement

Bring the Customer into the Inbox

This empowers your staff to provide exceptional customer service, a hallmark of Community Banking.

Link to Core Banking Systems

This helps your staff to “get to work” on satisfying customer requests.

Isolate “non” Bank Customers

This reduces operational risk from phishing.

Sender Identity Features

Brand Senders

We identify over 10,000 brand senders and display their brand logo to stop “look-alike” attacks.

Customer Identity

Core customer identification with added KYC customer information.

Internal Email

Internal Email identity verification helps prevent common phishing attacks, like the “CEO Fraud” attacks.

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