How We Protect Your Brand

VeriSend focuses on the good mail, your mail, which is also your customers’ mail.

When customers use MS365, Gmail or HCL (formerly IBM) mail, they can benefit from our service, which clearly and unambiguously identifies your mail with your Brand logo.

If they see your Brand’s logo, they know that they can trust the mail. If they don’t see your Brand’s logo, they know it is a fake, 100% of the time.

Protect your Customers while Protecting your Brand.

Microsoft 365

258,000,000 users and growing at 21% annually.

Many or all of those users receives mail from you. Show them your Brand, so they can trust your mail like they trust your Brand!


With over 1.8 Billion users, Gmail dominates the email market.

Each of these users could be protected from Brand impersonation with VeriSend.

HCL Notes and Domino

With HCL’s ownership of this popular business and government email software, some 50 million organizations use HCL Notes.